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3 Aces Media is an expanded Marketing Agency offering a diverse portfolio of services. In addition to Marketing & Advertising services, the 3 Aces team also offers Leadership & Staff Development services including formal trainings, workshops, and one-on-one or group development sessions. The Motorsports side of the business offers a wide array of PR & Marketing services for drivers and teams, alike. With over a decade of experience in a variety of industries, 3 Aces Media has the knowledge and expertise required to take your business or your career to the next level.

Our Team


Lindsey, MBA

Marketing Specialist &

Organizational Psychologist


Social Media Rockstar &

Motorsports Specialist



Administrative Specialist &

Quickbooks Master



Graphic Designer &

Creative Genius


what our clients say about us:

Colleen Miller
National Society of Health Coaches
As a co-owner managing day-to-day operations of a professional association, initiating a social media presence on our website was a daunting task for us. We didn’t know where we’d find the time to develop, post and monitor relevant content and also provide timely ​feedback to those engaged in our posts. Lindsey and her team made it very easy for us and does an excellent job in developing content and overseeing the postings to our Blog and FB pages as well as engaging our social media site visitors.  As a result of Lindsey’s efforts, we are seeing an upward trajectory in sales from our social media outlets.
Bryson Ruff Racing
Bryson Ruff Racing has been working with the 3 Aces Media Team for a few years, a full-service marketing team that encompasses social media, website design, PR training and much more…The objectives and the collaboration continue to be renewed and to grow. The passion and expertise of the entire team is second to none. Serious and reliable professionals but also very helpful, nice and open-mind people, willing to listen and compare different ideas.  We look forward to continued success with our 3 Aces Media Team.
Feedback From Workshop Participants
  • “(Lindsey) did an excellent job explaining the subject matter and was very knowledgeable. She was personable and approachable which I think is very important. I highly recommend her for future presentations.”
  • “Fantastic speaker. Very knowledgeable, open and flexible for all kind of questions. Humorous, caring and entertaining at he same time. Great personality. Wonderful speaker.”
  • “Engaging, so knowledgeable, great communicator”

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